Our ethical promise

Our ethical promise is a set of values and ethics by which etika measures our behaviour throughout the whole supply chain as well our impact on the environment.  These values are embedded within the company’s strategy and are reflected even as far as our name, etika, being Maltese for ethics. Our ethical promise comprises of 6 core values, which we personally monitor and evaluate on a regular basis and look to influence throughout our industry.

Safe Working Conditions

We regularly visit our manufacturing partners in Gujarat, India ensuring all safety standards are maintained. We are a member of SMETA, (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits), which covers labour standards, Healthy & Safety, environment & business ethics.

Salary transparency

Our unique relationship with our manufacturing partners allows us full transparency and a clear breakdown of product and labour costing. This allows us to ensure that salaries are above the regional average with built in bonuses to guarantee that our workforce are a valued link within our supply chain.

Community development

We reinvest 3% of all etiċi sales into projects within our employees in India, to help improve living conditions. These projects are carried out only after a full consultation with the community, empowering them to decide which projects should be conducted and in what order.

Empowerment through enterprise

We work closely with several charities in India who provide a safe place for vulnerable women who are survivors of domestic abuse. We create employment and provide these women with the skills to produce reusable cotton bags from supply overstocks and offcuts stock donated by UK and India corporates. These are the bags we use when you place your order for your school uniforms, therefore reducing the use of and movement of plastic around the planet.

Environmental Impact

We don’t use harsh chemicals for washing and use organic softeners instead. As part of reverse osmosis system, the water passes through layers of sand and coal from the washing machines and released into the fruit and flower bearing trees of the factory garden. This process filters out any chemical impurities and the fruit from these trees are enjoyed by the factory workers during their breaks.

Funding for UK schools

We build in a 3% donation from etika uniform sales to all UK schools who sign up to become an etika school. This money is unrestricted funding that the schools can use at their discretion to alleviate family hardship.

We also provide school uniforms to underprivileged children within the local deprived communities in India where we work.